1979 Ford Bronco Delivers Some Awesome Wheels-up Action!

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Big block-powered Bronco is built to dominate the mud, but it can wow the crowds on pavement, too.

The video above comes to us from the YouTube channel of 79 Built Ford Tough and it features a wicked 1979 Ford Bronco. While this truck has been built to handle the roughest off-road terrain and the deepest mud, the elaborate suspension set up and the monstrous big block V8 under the hood allow this old-school Ford to rip the wheels off of the ground on a hard launch. So, we get to watch the massive SUV show off just as much on dry land as it does in the mud.

The Machine

There are really no details included with the video, but in the comments section, we learn that it is powered by a built big block engine that started out as a 460 cubic inch Ford. We don’t know the size of the engine after the build, nor are we told exactly what was done to the truck, but there is no question that this monstrous Ford Bronco is packing some BIG power.

1979 Ford Bronco Wheels Up Launch Front

In addition to the big power, this classic Ford SUV has huge tires and an elaborate suspension setup featuring coilovers in the front and leaf springs out back. When combined with the other suspension and chassis upgrades, the dampers allow the kind of weight transfer that a driver wants when he or she hits the mud. More importantly for this video, this suspension setup coupled with the powerful V8 engine allows this big Bronco to rip the front wheels off of the ground during a hard pull on pavement.

1979 Ford Bronco in Grass

Needless to say, a huge, lifted SUV carrying the front wheels is a thing of beauty that we can all enjoy, while the lack of mud lets us appreciate this clean classic Bronco.

Wheels-Up Action

The video begins with the 1979 Bronco off in the distance, with the driver carefully backing the big Ford up to the edge of the paved driveway. When set, the rig rolls forward for a few feet before the driver hammers down, at which point it rips the front tires up off of the ground. As the wheels come down, the driver turns into the grass, weaving around some trees and showing off the handing prowess of this massive mud machine.

1979 Ford Bronco Wheels Up Rear

Once back on the pavement, the driver hits the throttle hard heading away, once again picking the front tires way up off of the ground. After turning around, we see one more quick wheel hop as the Bronco heads back into the grass, this time gunning the engine in the grass to show that even on loose footing, the big Ford can carry the front wheels.

1979 Ford Bronco Side Corner

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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