1978 Ford F-100 Is a Proper Service Station Tribute

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1978 Ford F-100

We miss the one-stop mom and pop shops of yesteryear. But just looking at this patina’d Ford F-100 takes us back!

If you’re “seasoned” like us, you undoubtedly remember the days when service stations were, well, a lot different. Instead of scoring a fill up and a hot dog with mystery chili, these mom and pop shops offered many, many services. From gas to oil changes and even repairs. Heck, if you got stuck out in the middle of nowhere on family vacation, they’d even come pull you out. And paying tribute to that little bygone slice of Americana is exactly what this 1978 Ford F-100, which we spotted at Leake Auctions, is all about.

1978 Ford F-100

Along with serving as a rolling piece of nostalgia, this old pickup also sports a killer patina finish. Which, as you already know, is all the rage these days. But when you combine the weathered look with vintage gas station logos and lettering, it just looks right. Obviously, this probably wasn’t an actual service station workhorse back in the day. But it sure looks like one.

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