1978 Ford Bronco Is an Immaculate California Dream

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1978 Ford Bronco

Mother Nature delivers us another rust-free beauty in the form of this super-tasty 2nd gen Bronco.

When it comes to classic cars, California has always enjoyed a bit of a reputation. This car lover’s paradise apparently holds endless examples of rust-free vintage rides. Just ripe for the picking. You can thank Mother Nature for climate conditions perfect for keeping precious sheetmetal intact. And for nicely preserving this immaculate 1978 Ford Bronco.

We spotted the big white beauty over at GR Auto Gallery, where it stands out for all the obvious reasons. For starters, most (read: we) feel like the 2nd gen is the ultimate Bronco. Big, brutish, and infinitely cool, it came and went like a shooting star. After only two years, Ford moved on as the F-Series continued to evolve. And even today, nearly 40 years later, we covet them all the same.

1978 Ford Bronco

This particular 1978 Ford Bronco is a fine example of the breed, thanks to immaculate preservation and a recent restoration. The all-white body will certainly conjure up some weak jokes about a certain famous murder suspect. But as we all know, this model was way ahead of that infamous subject of a not-so-fast police chase. Mostly untouched save for those weird side mirrors, 15-inch aluminum wheels and 33-inch Goodyear tires are fantastic additions.

1978 Ford Bronco

The two-tone brown and tan interior is all 70s, but it’s also incredibly sanitary. There’s plenty to like here, including factory-installed “luxury” options like power steering, air conditioning, and brakes. The standard aluminum Edelbrock intake manifold, Holley carb, and headers combo give the old V8 a little more grunt. All-in-all, it’s an excellent, non-offensive example of the breed.

1978 Ford Bronco

No matter what Ford’s Bronco revival turns out to be, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything as cool as the venerable 2nd gen. Which is somewhat of a two-sided coin. On one hand, we kinda wish Ford would build something as cool and simple today. But then again, we don’t want to underscore the perfection that is this 1978 Ford Bronco either, now do we?

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