1977 Ford F-100 Needs Your Help for a New Life

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1977 Ford F-100 on a Trailer

Classic F-100 is a stalled project, but it won’t take much more than a drivetrain to get it on the road.

While scrolling through the trucks for sale in the FTE Marketplace, we came across this 1977 Ford F-100. This truck was posted up for sale by “Mbizzle813“, who began to restore the truck, but in running out of time and money, he has decided to sell the classic F-Series. While there is definitely plenty of work to be done, most of the key components are included to finish the interior and exterior, so just a good drivetrain is all that the buyer will really need to provide to get this 1977 F-100 back on the road.

The Introduction

When the OP first listed his 1977 Ford F-100 in the Marketplace for sale, he provided the following background.

Ran out of money and times are tough; my loss is your gain. Pick up where I left off and finish this nearly done project.
Current Washington State (clean) title – same owner for 20+ years
Marti report available
Some scuffs in the paint but a clean body and frame

Unfortunately, a shortage of resources has led to many projects being sold off for completion, but as the OP points out, his loss is going to be someone else’s gain.

1977 Ford F-100 Cabin

Project in Progress

While there is no drivetrain in this 1977 F-100, the body looks straight, the interior looks pretty clean and many of the parts that haven’t been installed yet are included with the sale. The OP mentions that it needs to be towed away due to the lack of an engine or transmission, but it does come with an array of engine parts, as well as rebuilt transmission, although it is unclear whether that is included in the purchase.

1977 Ford F-100 Front

New items ready to be installed:
Hood hinges (pic)
Flo Tech headers (pic)
Gas tank (pic)
Ford racing valve covers (pic)
Edelbrock air filter (pic)
Edelbrock carburetor 750CFM (pic)
Interior door panels (pic)

Other items available to be installed:
Front splash shields for wheel wells
Rebuilt transmission (pic)
Chrome trim pieces (pic)
Edelbrock manifold (pic)
Grill inserts (pic)

1977 Ford F-100 Air Cleaner

So setting aside the engine parts, the items included with the truck will allow the buyer to pretty much complete project inside and out. If the buyer had an engine and transmission ready to install, he or she wouldn’t need to buy much else to get this F-100 on the road and looking great.

1977 Ford F-100 Interior Wide

However, even if you don’t have an engine in your garage, the OP might have a solution.

Also available if interested: partially rebuilt (disassembled and unfinished) 351M with cast iron heads. Comes with a new Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kits (Summit P/N LUN-10320701LK) If interested in the engine, YOU WILL NEED TO PICK IT UP FROM MY LOCAL MACHINE SHOP (I can go with you).

1977 Ford F-100 Engine Bay

It seems likely that the engine is not included in the current $6,000 asking price, but that old V8 sounds like a great powerplant for this project, so a motivated buyer could leave Washington with everything needed to finish this project.

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