Handsome 1977 Ford Bronco Stops By Jay Leno’s Garage

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One of the last first-generation Ford Broncos stops by Jay Leno’s Garage sporting new paint and upholstery, and timeless appeal.

It’s hard to predict what you’ll see on Jay Leno’s Garage. The comedian has enough cars of his own to make an eclectic fleet of rental cars. Those range from a Bentley Turbo R to classic Lamborghinis to steam-powered antiques. From time to time, new exotic speed machines appear in Leno’s massive cathedral to cars. Given his wealth and connections, he can have any vehicle he wants in his garage. Recently, he shined the spotlight on a 1977 Ford Bronco.

It belongs to reporter Dave Kunz, the automotive specialist for ABC 7 down in Southern California. Just as the Bronco stands out in Leno’s garage, it stood out to Kunz and his wife years ago while they were at a car show. Kunz already had a couple of Mustangs, but his wife mentioned that he didn’t have a vehicle quite like the Bronco. Eventually, he came across a man selling the vehicles in his late father’s collection of Broncos. Kunz picked this end-of-the-beginning Bronco from the last model year of the original bodystyle. It features a 302-cubic-inch V8, an automatic transmission, dealer-installed air conditioning, front disc brakes, two fuel tanks (a 14-gallon main unit and an eight-gallon auxiliary unit), and the Ranger trim package. Kunz has made his share of changes to the rig, which now has new paint/upholstery, auxiliary lights up front, and slotted wheels, but he left the rear fenders just as they were instead of cutting them to fit larger tires.

ford-trucks.com 1977 Ford Bronco Jay Leno's Garage

Despite the updates, the Bronco shows its age. It just does it in certain ways. For instance, a glance under the hood reveals the Bronco’s smog pump. The interior has a simple, rustic charm to it…and almost no safety equipment. But that simplicity is one of the reasons these early Broncos have proven so desirable to regular people who want a handsome, classic SUV as well as people like Leno, who can have whatever he wants.

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