This 1977 Ford Bronco is Beautiful, Versatile and Available

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1977 Ford Bronco Front

Classic Bronco can shine at a car show or play at the off-road park.

While the Ford Bronco doesn’t seem to get a whole lot of respect in the car show world, these antique SUVs always draw a ton of attention at events. They are also excellent off-road vehicles, but in most cases, an old school Bronco is made to be a show vehicle or an off-road performance and not both.

This 1977 Ford Bronco is ready to play in the mud, but after a quick rinse, it will fit in at a car show. Best of all, you could buy it in a few weeks at the Leake Oklahoma City auction.


1977 Bronco Side

Off-Road Ready Exterior

This 1977 Ford Bronco looks great, but it has been purpose-built to have fun and help out at an off-road park. The suspension setup has the body sitting higher than stock, making room for the big tires extending out away from the body. Not only does this SUV sit higher than a stock truck, but with the big tires and wheels, the stance is a whole lot wider as well.

1977 Bronco Rear

Up front, an off-road bumper has replaced the stock unit, with a Warn winch and a set of big off-road lights mounted in the middle of this beefy bumper. Out back, there is simple aftermarket bumper in place of the curvy chrome piece that came stock.

Finally, as you can see, this Bronco has a low profile cowl induction-style hood, a hard top that creates a pickup truck form and a roll bar that extends from the cab to the bed.

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