1977 F-150 Does Donuts in the Grass: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Classic Ford truck plays in the dirt without getting muddy.

This week’s “Freaky Friday” video comes to us from the Scott E YouTube channel and it features a 1977 Ford F-150 racing around in a grassy wooded area. While the off-roading footage is great, there really isn’t any mud. But the clip does showcase a great-looking classic Ford half-ton pickup slinging grass and dirt as the driver does big donuts.

Clean 1977 F-150

There are no details on this 1977 Ford F-150, but it looks to be a pretty clean truck for its age. It sounds like it is powered by something other than a V8, so it is likely packing the 300-cubic inch straight-six engine with 117 stock horsepower. It is louder than it would have been stock, so it might be making a little more power than stock, but this F-150 lacks the big V8 power that we usually feature. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop the old school pickup from doing solid donuts on the deep grass.

1977 Ford F-150 in the grass

Dirt Drifting

The video title calls this footage dirt drifting and while there is some dirt, the classic F-150 is really grass drifting while occasionally digging down into the dirt. However, semantics aside, the driver and has old school Ford truck do a great job of maintaining the continuous drift in a big circle. For the better part of a minute, the half-ton Ford slides its way around the bush in the middle of the circle with the roar of the six-cylinder engine.

1977 F-150 Far off in the grass

The footage ends with the driver getting a little too much angle, spinning the truck around and forcing the driver to climb slowly out of the deep grass.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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