Let this 1976 Ford F-250 Take You to Highboy Heaven

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Ford F-250

Flashy mods just aren’t needed when your truck is pretty much perfect to begin with.

For whatever reason, plenty of ’70s Ford truck owners feel it necessary to modify what they’re working with. And that’s just fine, as we’ve seen plenty of tastefully upgraded examples lately. But when you already have a truck as darn near perfect as a 1976 Ford F-250 Highboy, do you really need to tack on a bunch of stuff? We’d say no.

1976 Ford F-250

Just take a gander at this fine example, which we spotted over at GR Auto Gallery. Looking mighty fine in Wimbledon White, there isn’t much here that isn’t period correct. Well, except for the weird spotlight. Along with a rugged brush guard and some steps. In all fairness, maybe the previous owner was a little vertically challenged. Who knows?

1976 Ford F-250

On the other hand, we certainly appreciate the 16×7 steelies and hubcaps, as well as the aggressive BF Goodrich mud tires. Quite honestly, in fact, we prefer this look over anything the aftermarket has to offer. There’s just something downright charming about this factory look, and it goes quite well with the narrow tires and refrigerator-like exterior.

1976 Ford F-250

Another interesting but welcome change takes place under the hood. The previous owner decided to ditch the somewhat underpowered 360 in favor of a beefy 428. It might not do anything for the Highboy’s resale value on the collector market, but it sure helps out everywhere else. With a 4-speed manual transmission and just 88k miles on the body, the rest of this 1976 Ford F-250 is as clean as it gets.

1976 Ford F-250

Remove the small handful of unnecessary body bolt-ons, and you’ve got a Dentside that’s nearly perfect. Some might want to repaint it a more flashy color or swap out the rolling stock. Perhaps even throw on a lift kit. But this old F-250 is a great reminder of why stuff like that just isn’t necessary when you’re talking about a truck that’s nearly perfect just the way it is.

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