1976 Ford F-250 Gets the Love It Deserves from FTE Member

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1976 Ford F-250

Ford F-250 affectionately dubbed ‘Big Green’ has been a fun driver for years. But now it’s time to get serious.

For most people, old trucks are disposable entities. But for us here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, that obviously isn’t the case. Our hobby is keeping these cool relics alive and kicking, no matter how abused a life they’ve led. And that very desire, combined with boredom and some extra money burning a hole in his pocket, is what led FTE member Jarett Campbell to go out and take on this 1976 Ford F-250 he calls “Big Green.”

“I usually stick around the OBS Power Stroke forum. But I snoop a lot of these threads when I’m bored and wanting to learn a little about these old trucks. So here’s the back story on my truck. I was single, working in Western Oregon (Roseburg) for three months straight, and taking home a pretty good salary + per diem. Needless to say, I was bored and had a significant amount of play money. So what did I do? I got on Craigslist and bought a truck!!! Here’s what it looked like the day I bought it.”

1976 Ford F-250

Not a bad way to blow some extra cash, we’d say. And this solid looking Ford F-250 turned out to be a pretty nice driver for the OP, even as is.

“I registered and insured the truck and drove it whenever I was feeling like rowing the gears. Or if a friend was borrowing my Power Stroke. Three years later, I haven’t really done anything to it besides the minor fix here and there. Like a new ground wire for the battery, some wiring stuff in the cab, and some new rims and tires.”

But now, that inactivity appears to be coming to an abrupt halt. And this Ford F-250 is finally getting the attention it deserves!

“I finally have the Power Stroke where I want it. So now I can now aim the buck$$zuka at the old guy. I want to take care of the axles first since they both leak, and then tackle the engine this winter. I’m thinking that I will pull it for a full reseal and new cam/lifters/push rods,etc. I know the truck burns oil, so I might end up having to do a bottom end, but I really hope not.”

1976 Ford F-250

We couldn’t think of a cooler truck to take on, that’s for sure. And we’re also digging the OP’s plans for this rig.

“The goal for the green truck is a turnkey fun truck that I can drive to church on the weekends or trailer to the mud park and tear up some trails. I don’t want a restoration, just a solid, dependable truck. I don’t plan to do anything to the exterior/interior of the truck at all. All my efforts will go into drivetrain and I’ll be done.”

Work on this Ford F-250 has already begun with a rear axle and brake redo. So be sure and head over here to catch up on this cool project, as well as stay tuned as it all comes together!

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