1976 Ford F-250 Bicentennial Edition Is Worth Celebrating

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Ford F-250

Special Edition Ford pickups aren’t necessarily rare, but you sure don’t see many like this one anymore!

It just doesn’t get much better than a ’70s Ford truck. Especially when you’re talking about the high-riding, highly intimidating “Highboys” of lore. Toss in a special package known as the Bicentennial Edition, and you’ve got one of the coolest rides ever built. Which is exactly what this 1976 Ford F-250 Bicentennial Edition is – pure ’70s cool.

We spotted the unique ride over at GR Auto Gallery, where it stands out from the rest of the dealer’s plentiful inventory for all of those reasons and more. The Bicentennial package isn’t necessarily rare, per se, but it isn’t exactly common, either. And since nobody reproduces those unique graphic decals, replicating them requires a custom job. Thankfully, this particular Ford F-250 still sports its original paint and graphics.

Ford F-250 Bicentennial Edition

This truck also comes with a massive stack of documentation, including a Marti Report, Protecto Plate, all the original manuals, and even the window sticker! The Wimbleton White paint, one of only two color options with the Bicentennial package, still looks pretty solid aside from the typical rust. Even better, the truck’s unique plaid bench seat looks like new!

The only real detractor here for the discerning collector is the 390 engine swap, which reportedly happened in the ’80s. Someone has also added dual exhaust, headers, and some interesting 16-inch American Outlaw wheels. Otherwise, this beauty of a Ford F-250 is a nice reminder of when the Blue Oval was just celebrating its first 50 years of pickups.

Ford F-250 Bicentennial Edition

It’s probably a bit of a stretch to call this Bicentennial Edition pickup a solid investment. But then again, we never expected to see the incredible resale prices enjoyed by any trucks from the ’70s these days. Instead, we’ll just call this Ford F-250 a nice reminder of a relatively rare option!

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