1975 Ford F-250 Supercab Barn Find Build

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F-250 Front

A 1975 Ford F-250 Supercab with two-wheel drive is being built into a high-riding custom pickup after being found sitting, covered in dust.

The story of this 1975 Ford F-250 pickup was initially posted by mofoco1 when he began sharing the progress of his build project. After finding this old pickup sitting next to an old barn, covered with dust and looking unloved, the OP decided to build it into a high-riding custom pickup. What makes this project particularly unique is that this F-250 is a rear-drive model, and while most lifted pickups are 4x4s – this owner is jacking up the classic 2WD Ford.

The Introduction

85 F-250 Side

When mofoco1 first introduced his 1975 Ford F-250 Supercab in this thread, he posted pictures of the truck when he found it, covered in dust and sitting next to an old shed. He then posted pictures of the truck after it was taken home and washed up, as well as including a shot after the bed cap had been removed. He also gave us a quick rundown on the truck and what he planned to do with this project:

It has been sitting inside a shed for 20-something years where it was parked by the original owner. He was an RV dealer and so he kept it up real well and had tons and tons of spare parts that were for this vehicle and a few others that he had, stored in the back of the bed of this thing that had a camper when I got it. I sold most of the parts but did keep the four or five sets of airbags that I will probably use on the different vehicles that I own. The daughter did not want anything that was back there and said I should keep it. I told her that I would split the money with her and she would have none of that. So I basically I made back what I paid on the vehicle and more.

Cleaned Up 75 F-250

Having this thing not being started and ran for over 20 years had me a little bit concerned, but also knowing these beasts will go through a long hard hibernation and come back strong with very little tinkering. In fact we put a battery into it, cut the fluid lines as they were dry put a can inside the engine bay with a gallon of fuel, squirted some miracle oil into the cylinders and it fired up, after we also changed out one of the hoses from the heater core back to the block which was cracked we basically just looped it and the motor ran fine it even sounded like when he was still keeping time very well. This was at 11 at night that we got done after an hour’s worth of tinkering with it. We did change all four tires and were very carefully backing it up and driving the three miles to my in-laws for the build. My son followed behind me, the roads which were vacant at this time of night in the country, allowed us to drive the three miles with nothing but the emergency handbrake. The brake pedal was all the way to the floor. The following day my son washed it up as I think all the dirt protected the paint underneath, as he did one pass with the buffer and it actually came out pretty good, we have not done it again until we finish everything else, we’re going to Buff it and wax the hell out of it and try to preserve the patina.

75 F-250 Rear No Cap

He also offered some detail on the plans for this classic F-250:

My plans on this build are for a 5 inch suspension lift, bent beans up in the front, all new poly bushings, all new shocks, new brake rotor and calipers – anything that I can change out will be. Motor is a 390 with a C6. I will probably do a mild build on those has air conditioning and obviously that’s going to stay. I may change out the mechanical fan as I have a dual electric fan setup.

The New Grille

Two F-250s

There are two aspects covered in mofoco1’s build thread thus far – the new grille and the new front end suspension setup. The OP has removed the 1975 front end and replaced it with a grille from a 78-79 truck, as he wanted the “big mouth” look. He also added high tech, modern headlights in the original chrome bezels.

75 F-250 New Front

This was the simpler part of the project, but he detailed it briefly as he removed the old parts and added the newer parts.

The New Front End Suspension Setup

75 F-250 No Wheels

The lengthier aspect of mofoco1’s build thread focuses on lifting the front end of the 1975 F-250. In addition to adding springs to lift the front end five inches higher than stock ride height, the OP added all new poly bushings and an upgraded front brake setup. In addition to the two-piston calipers, this classic F-250 got a set of slotted and drilled rotors which are unfortunately hard to see through the wheels.

75 F-250 New Front Suspension

While adding the higher-riding front suspension parts to this 1975 F-250, the OP explained all of the trials and tribulations of the swap. In some cases, he had to change his plans part-way through the build to make the available parts work, but over the course of a few months – the front end of this old school F-250 was five inches higher with new bushings and new brakes.

75 F-250 New Fr Brakes

The downside to the build thus far is that the OP hasn’t gotten to the back end yet, so this F-250 is sitting with the front end high in the air and the back end squatting pretty badly. Fortunately, the rear shackles are in hand, so the rest of the lift should be completed soon.

75 F-250 New Hitch

In the meantime, the OP has updated the thread most recently with a custom hitch assembly that will allow him to tuck it up tight under the new rear bumper.

This thread is a steady work in progress, so make sure to check back from time to time to see how mofoco1’s F-250 build is going.








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