BUILDUP! A 1975 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Build

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1975 Ford

Projects can be difficult things to see to completion. Often times we get sidetracked doing other more important things in our lives. From beginning a new job to starting a family, there are just so many things that get in the way our our hobbies, such as wrenching on a worthy ride.

FTE member, CanadianBuzzard, has recently started a project that has been waiting quite some time to see its fair share of attention. The rig, a 1975 Ford F-250 Crew Cab, was inherited from his father, who had started working on the truck twenty years ago. After just five years he had to put it aside, and the Ford has been sitting in the outdoors ever since.

CanadianBuzzard decided it was time to take on the build himself, but with a growing family, it seemed like the right time he looked for a replacement for his 1995 Ford F-150. He decided that new wasn’t necessarily better, so he has decided to fix up the old ’75 to make it into a family truck. What do you think?

Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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