1975 Ford F-150 Perseveres: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Customized 1975 F-150 pickup does crummy burnouts before putting on an excellent (one-wheeled) smoke show!

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a 1975 Ford F-150 doing an epic burnout. Or trying to, at least.

There aren’t many details on this F-150, but there is some information which we can extract from watching the video. This truck is clearly a work in progress, with a brown hood, driver’s door, side fender and others. Meanwhile, it sports a white roof and other body panels which appear to be silver or paint primer.

Next, the truck bed has been replaced with a custom unit made out of stained wooden boards and a pair of crude wheel flares. It looks like this truck is a paint job away from being a lovely and unique 1975 F-150. But until then, it’s being used as a burnout machine.


As for the drivetrain, the engine is so quiet that it’s impossible to guess what’s really under the hood. What we’re sure about, is that this F-150 has a manual transmission and an open rear differential – which makes burnouts a bit easier. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at first.

The first attempt at a burnout fails miserably as the truck stalls, only to start back up, try again and fail once more. As the truck rolls away from the camera, the driver makes another attempt and gets the right rear tire to smoke a tiny bit.

On his fourth attempt, the driver gets one of the rear tires spinning and smoking pretty good, inching away from the camera as smoke rolls from underneath the truck. After such success, the rear tire on this old truck must have gotten greasy because it unleashes two monster burnouts which would make any truck owner proud.

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