1975 Ford Bronco Is a Mean Baytree Green Machine

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1975 Ford Bronco

When was the last time you saw a lime-colored, uncut, 82k original mile, original paint, zero rust first-gen Bronco?

Vintage Broncos are all the rage these days, and it isn’t just because Ford is bringing back their much beloved SUV. Truth be told, we’ve never lost our love for first or second-gen Broncos. Their styling, simplicity, and capability still hold true today, decades after these awesome rides first came into the world. But do a quick search, and most examples you’ll find are modified with cut fenders. Few are as original or as unique as this 1975 Ford Bronco, which we spotted on Craigslist.

For starters, when was the last time you saw a Baytree Green Bronco? Let alone an uncut one? Adding to the allure of this 1975 Ford Bronco is the fact that the paint is original, and there’s only 82,809 miles on the odometer. Found well preserved in a New Mexico barn, the typical first-gen rust isn’t there, either. In fact, the floors in this thing look as dry as your father in-law’s jokes.

1975 Ford Bronco

30 years of storage have served this Bronco well. But the interior is reportedly out and getting steam cleaned, because it probably smelled a little rank after emerging from storage. The current owner hasn’t done much else, however, not even trying to start it. So the new owner will have to address that and hope that there’s no major mechanical issues.

1975 Ford Bronco

Still, you rarely ever see any first-gen Bronco this original. Or this rust free. The owner certainly knows what they have, giving this bad boy a steep $50k firm asking price. But we have no doubt, given our current state of Bronco fever, that somebody will be more than happy to pony up for this incredibly original ride!

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