This 1975 Bronco Restomod is the Best of Both Worlds

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Old Broncos in good condition are already encroaching on classic car territory when it comes to pricing. Much of this is due to their awesome looks, off road capability, simplicity, charm, and the fact that they tend to rust out faster than a piece of wet bare steel sitting on the beach.

If you want a fully restored 60’s or 70’s Bronco, you’re going to be looking at paying upwards of $70,000, and there are even companies out there that specialize in sourcing and restoring them to your specification.  Patient buyers might get lucky and find a bargain, but it’s becoming harder and harder.

If you don’t want a completely stock one, early Broncos are just begging for modification.  There are a ton of aftermarket parts available, and a modern drivetrain can provide basically as much power and reliability as you could possibly want.


This restomodded 1975 Bronco is a great example of what you can do with the breed, from top to bottom.  Perhaps the best thing about it is that it retains much of the truck’s stock appearance and charm, but combines it with a seriously capable drivetrain and suspension.

The truck looks awesome in Ford Dark Shadow Gray with black accents, top, and interior.  So good, in fact, that it wound up on the cover of LMC’s catalog.  The body is fiberglass, and it is affixed to a custom built chassis with a laundry list of very capable parts.

A tried and true crate 5.0 provides power, backed up by a C4 and 9 inch rear/Dana 44 front differential. It’s about as bulletproof a combination as you can get.  Of course, taking this beauty off road almost seems like a sin, but if you can afford the $54,900 asking price, you can also likely afford a detailer.

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