This 1975 Ford Bronco is an Off-Roader’s Dream!

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Cutting the fenders is one of the first things early Bronco owners do when they’re modifying their beloved little four wheelers. They do this with the intention of scrapping those tiny little stock wheels and tires and replacing them with rolling stock worthy of ripping up rocky, muddy trails. But is all that butchery really necessary?


Not necessarily. This 1975 Bronco is an off-roader’s dream, and it shows that it’s possible to lift the little SUV and still fit a set of decent-sized tires underneath. If you cringe at the thought of cutting the metal body on your vintage Bronco but still want larger tires and wheels, this is a viable solution. It may not provide you with the same wheel travel or clearance, but if that’s not a concern, it will keep you from hacking up the body.


Outside of the uncut body, this Bronco has a lot going for it. The Porsche Rivera Blue is a great match for the classic lines of the body, and even the undercarriage has been painted to match the body. The stance is courtesy of a 5.5″ lift, and the aforementioned rolling stock consists of ProComp 17×9″ wheels and 35″ Goodyear tires.


Power comes in spades thanks to a crate 347 stroker. Gears are selected via 3-speed manual with a Hurst shifter, sending power back to a 9″ rear and forward to a Dana 44. A Flowmaster exhaust with Hedman headers sing a sweet tune and entices you to keep the top off as much as possible.

Altogether, this ’75 is one sweet example of an early Bronco dream, and proof that you don’t need to cut the fenders to get it in the air a little. You may not want to go rock crawling in it, but for those just looking to do a little cruising, this is the perfect compromise.

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