1973 Ford Bronco Is a Sexy Seventies Relic that Rocks!

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Cherry 4×4 is a dream truck for any auto enthusiast and is ready for you to jump in and crank up some Pink Floyd.

We came across this sexy Seventies Ford Bronco at Classic Cars and we were immediately taken back in time. We can even hear “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” playing as we imagine ourselves driving this first generation badass.

There’s a lot about the 1970s we’d be happy to forget: Watergate; the oil and energy crisis; a 1973 Gremlin available with Levi’s denim seats; and, of course, bell-bottoms. Then there’s the cool stuff: American Graffiti and Star Wars; Pink Floyd and Roberta Flack on the radio; hot pants; and, of course, 1970s-era Ford trucks.

This Bronco is an awesome vehicle from the era. With just under 67,000 miles on it, it’s got lots of great years ahead.


Some things about the 1970s we’d like to forget, like Watergate and bell-bottoms. Then there’s the cool stuff: Star Wars, Pink Floyd, and, of course, ’70s-era Ford trucks.


Powered by a 302 (4.9l) V8 automatic transmission, the truck also includes Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor, and Edelbrock dual plane intake, air conditioning, FM/AM radio, and 33-inch BFG all terrains. Inside, it boasts a clean black interior with custom front seats and Rhino lined interior. Also, the burgundy Bronco comes with custom front and rear bumpers and roll cage.

The solid 4×4 has been nicely maintained, and looks as good as it drives. Priced at $25,990, this is a piece of the ’70s we’d be happy to preserve. But we still think disco sucks!

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S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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