1973-1979 Ford F-Series Technical Thread Catalog

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HIO Silver F-100 Front

Anyone who owns and maintains a late-70s Ford truck will want to bookmark this thread.

Ford-Truck.com is chock full of the largest collection of technical information on America’s bestselling trucks, but sometimes it can be hard to find a thread detailing a particular problem or project. Fortunately, “HIO Silver” put together a comprehensive list of many of the most popular projects for Ford F-Series pickups from the 1973-1979 era, gathering up everything that an owner could need into one tidy thread. Over time, that thread has grown exponentially – making it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for information on pretty much any aspect of this era F-Series.

The Introduction

When the OP first posted this thread back in September of 2012, he included nine categories with a total of 46 links to technical threads both on Ford-Trucks and on other websites.

Well, I’ve been waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my new GoPro HD camera so I figured I’d finally assemble a text file for the ultimate guide to technical info.

I’ve got both a 2WD Bump and 4WD Dent but most of the links apply to both series.

That first iteration of the list includes 3G alternator swaps, power steering/disc brake swaps, dual battery systems, electric fan upgrades, Dana 44 rebuild info, information on lowering the trucks, adding a Crown Victoria subframe and electrical DIYs.

With so much information to begin with, the thread was quickly pinned, but two years later, the OP updated the thread and the amount of technical data on hand exploded.

Blue 1973 Ford F-100

The List Grows

In addition to the categories from the initial post, the 2014 update added more categories while also adding a ton more links to the categories already in place. New categories in the 1973-197 Ford F-Series technical thread catalog included two-wheel-drive to four-wheel-drive conversions, Transmission swaps, Prerunner build details, interior, body-related, engine builds, fuel system information, a diagrams section, a long list of businesses that sell popular parts for these trucks and a section called “DIY Fun Stuff”.

Ford F-Series group

For those wondering, DIY Fun Stuff includes things like making a billiard ball into a shift knob, making your own headliner on the cheap, installing a gauge pod and modifying your gauge cluster.

With the 2014 revision, the technical data catalog expanded to 23 categories and over 200 links.

The Current List

Finally, the most recent form of the technical data list was posted by the OP at the beginning of 2015 and it expanded the information even further. New categories include a VIN Decoder and a lighting section, but more importantly, the categories became better-organized, making it easier for owners to find the exact information that they need in a hurry.

1973 Ford F-100 Rear

If you have a 1973-1979 Ford F-Series pickup, you will definitely want to bookmark this thread for future reference. Even if you don’t plan on modifying your classic pickup, you never know when you might need to fix something yourself in a hurry.

All images on this page show HIO Silver’s 1973 F-100 named “The War Machine”.

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