Smurftastic Blue ’72 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Is an Internet Superstar

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Ford F-250

Building an old truck isn’t always easy, but judging by the way ‘Papa Smurf’ turned out, it’s definitely worth it.

All of us have dreams of fixing up and enjoying our idea of the perfect ride. Some of us are lucky enough to realize those dreams, while others may still be in the process of doing so. Jeremy Westerlund belongs in the former camp, having just recently completed his dream ride – this amazing 1972 Ford F-250 Crew Cab he calls Papa Smurf. But the work that went into the relatively rare classic pickup isn’t just for show, mind you. This truck actually works, and it works hard!

That much is evident by taking a quick look at Westerlund’s Instagram. The avid mountain biker and vintage Jeep owner is also a big time outdoors enthusiast. So all of his vehicles, both of the two and four-door variety, see plenty of dirt. Which includes his Ford F-250, of course. But aside from cruising his old school hauler around on the beach, he also uses it to haul thousands of pounds of rocks.

Ford F-250

We don’t have many details on the truck, but we do know that it just recently got back on the road after eight months of work. Westerlund has swapped out the original motor for a modern turbo diesel, which is pretty awesome. Sitting just right with a set of aftermarket wheels and larger tires, Papa Smurf is a rather imposing presence. And we absolutely love it.

Ford F-250

So while many of us are still working on obtaining/restoring our dream trucks, let this vintage Ford F-250 serve as inspiration. It can get frustrating to fix up an old truck, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it. And one day, you’ll be cruising around in your ride, literally living the dream!

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