1972 Ford Bronco is a Show-Quality Off-Road Monster

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Coming from a garage collection, this classic Bronco deserves to be let loose in the wild.

Some people build perfect off-road machines to play in the mud and others build them to look good sitting in the garage. This 1972 Ford Bronco was previously owned by a collector who had the truck built and after a few hundred miles, it became a garage queen. The collector sold off portions of his fleet, but he kept this classic SUV until he passed away. At that point, it came into the possession of Texas Best Used Motorcycles, where it is available for sale.

Although this rig appears to have been built to be the ideal off-roader, the cleanliness of the undercarriage suggests that it has never been in the mud or around anything that might scratch the paint.

Custom 1972 Bronco Side

The Key Details

The video walks us around this gorgeous 1972 Ford Bronco, starting with a quick look at the outside and the interior before the cameraman, who goes by the handle “Bronco Bob”, begins to focus on the nuts and bolts. As we can see, the metallic blue paint is flawless and while it is missing the exterior mirrors, this vehicle is practically perfect. It has a prerunner bumper with HID fog lights and a high-end Warn winch up front, along with a custom rear bumper with a swing-away tire carrier and a rack for fuel or water cans.

Custom 1972 Bronco Front

It looks like a serious off-roader from the side of the road, but when the camera goes under this Bronco, we see that no expense was spared in this build. This classic Ford has reinforced, heavy-duty front and rear differentials, fully custom-built front and rear suspension, one-ton brakes and serious off-road tires from Pit Bull. Even without more details, there is little question that this rig was put together correctly for impressive off-road performance.

1972 Bronco Rear Diff

Under the Hood

Finally, while Bronco Bob doesn’t have the engine build details, he was told that it is powered by a 351-cubic inch Windsor V8 stroked to 392 cubic inches. It has headers, electric cooling fans, a modern fuel injection system, MSD ignition and based on how it sounds when fired up, it also has a pretty healthy cam and great-sounding exhaust.

Custom 1972 Bronco V8 Engine

There is no mention of price, but whoever buys this slick 1972 Ford Bronco is going to have one awesome off-road machine that when rinsed off will fit in at the local Cars and Coffee.

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