This 1972 Ford Bronco Brochure is Beautiful

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I can’t imagine going into a Ford dealership for a brochure nowadays, can you? Think about having to open up an actual book to look for photos and facts? What about the videos and the side-by-side comparison tools? The internet surely has spoiled us, huh?

The guys at Hemmings have just posted some beautiful pictures of when car brochures meant everything for car companies and car buyers. These brochures were huge projects of art for the manufacturers which employed painters, artists, and obviously photographers to bring to life the vehicles they’re trying to sell.


This specific brochure is from a 1972 Ford Bronco, which Ford did an excellent job in depicting the kind of lifestyle people desired to lead with a Bronco. The beautiful outdoors, camping, hiking, off-roading. Sounds nice, right?


While some of the text in some of these photos may be a bit hard to read, you can google old-school Ford brochures and find some excellent samples to enjoy when there’s nothing better to do.

I bet back in 1972 Ford didn’t think they’d get the longest and most adrenaline-packed Ford Bronco TV commercial in 1994. Remember the white Bronco?


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