’70s Ford Truck Leaves Others in the Pit: Muddy Monday

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They say that “with age comes wisdom,” and this old-school Ford truck seems to prove that right.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video takes us to the 2017 BFE Spring Mud Bog, where a sixth-generation Ford F-Series (1973-1979) pickup makes short work of a fairly treacherous mud pit.

The Ford pickup in action has clearly been modified to easily play in the mud. While the body looks relatively stock down to the two-tone blue and white paint, everything under the body has been modified for better performance in slippery and sloppy conditions.


As one would expect, this classic Ford truck rides on a large set of off-road tires. The clearance for the massive mud slingers is provided by a beefed-up suspension system, which makes the truck sit considerably higher than any stock Blue Oval truck from that era – or any era. In addition, the roar of the V8 leaves little question as for the drivetrain’s condition. Stock? No, not at all.

Throughout this video by CarWarz, this ’70s Ford truck blasts through the massive mud bog time and time again, as it proves to be deeper and nastier than most we’ve come across on “Muddy Monday.” Perhaps that explains why so many other inferior vehicles are seen stranded.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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