1970 Ford With a 7.3L Power Stroke Is the Best of Both Worlds

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This gorgeous 1970 Ford proves that sometimes it’s alright to mix and match.

While most folks typically frown upon mismatched parts on vintage trucks, this 1970 Ford might be the exception to that rule. Because, you see, it combines a few things that we all love. For one, it’s a great looking classic pickup in its own right! It sits up high thanks to massive rolling stock, and most importantly, it has a killer powerplant under the gorgeous red hood.

That’s right, this old Ford has a newish beating heart. But, this isn’t your typical 5.0 swap, this one’s got a proper diesel engine — a 7.3 liter Power Stroke lifted from a 1997 Super Duty. Everything from the computer bits to the firewall came from the donor truck. The entire setup mates up to the dash assembly from the ’97, and even the dummy lights work!

1970 Ford

The entire thing sits on a 1979 F-250 frame with fuel lines and a gas tank from the ’97 truck. The front gas tank wouldn’t fit with the divorced transfer case, so a line was added to the stock ’70 tank in the cab to retain dual tank functionality. The front axle is a Dana 60 with 4.10:1 gears, and the rear driveshaft is actually an Excursion front driveshaft. Out back there’s a Sterling 10.25″ rear, also with 4:10 gears.

The result is one of the nicest mismatched truck builds we’ve ever seen. The quality of the work is obvious, and the components used are very much acceptable. According to the video’s description, the truck was/is for sale. The asking price is a little steep at $48,000, but if you love this thing as much as we do, who’s counting?

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