1970 Ford Bronco is a Turnkey Off-Road Toy

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1970 Ford Bronco Front 34

Never mind its battle scars. This classic Ford with a 302 crate engine is ready to play in the woods.

While flipping through the Ford listings on BringATrailer.com, we stumbled across this 1970 Bronco. This rugged sport utility has obviously seen plenty of off-roading miles, with scuffs and scrapes here and there, but for someone hunting for a turnkey toy – this might be perfect.

The Original Bronco

When the Bronco returns to the Ford lineup in the next year or so, many people hope that it will be a modern version of the original. This 1970 is a fine example of the classic Bronco that so many people hope will be reincarnated for 2020, except with all of the modern nicities.

1970 Bronco Rear

From the high-riding stance and the big, beefy tires to the spacious cabin and boxy exterior lines, the Bronco stayed true to its roots until the model came to an end 1996. While the next generation of the legendary SUV will be a mid-sized machine – Ford fans want a similar design to what is shown here and we are inclined to agree.

48 Years Old and Ready to Rock

According to the details in the sale posting for this 1970 Ford Bronco, it was acquired by the current owners in 2001 and shortly after the purchase, a 302-cubic inch crate engine was installed. After about 10,000 miles of fun, the engine developed an unpleasant ticking noise, as which point it was pulled and fully rebuilt. The details say that the engine was bored, but it doesn’t list the current engine size, so it might still be 302 cubic inches and it might be a bit bigger. During the last build, the heads were cleaned up with a three-angle valve job, a B303 camshaft was installed, as were a larger carburetor and headers.

Bronco 302 Engine

Power from that 302 V8 crate engine is sent to all four wheels by means of the original toploader 4-speed manual transmission and transfer case, both of which were rebuilt when the 302 received its most recent refresh.

Helping this Bronco to make its way through rough terrain is a 3.5-inch lift kit with Bilstein shocks, a Dana 44 front axle, a Ford 9-inch rear axle and polished aluminum wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A tires. This setup also gives the classic SUV the stance that you want from a proper off-road machine.

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