This 1969 F-350 Wrecker is Anything But

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Most of us, for obvious reasons, never want to see a wrecker.  It’s not like you’re calling one to get a ride home on Saturday night.  They are the unsung heroes of the trucking world, hauling off what’s left of our beloved rides after an accident or a breakdown.

This life of hard labor is also why you rarely ever see an old wrecker that’s in great shape.  Heck, you rarely see an old wrecker, period, because a lot of them simply wound up in the scrap heap after the end of their usable life.


That’s what makes this frame off restored 1969 F-350 so special.  While many trucks claim to have been “restored,” this one doesn’t have a nut of bolt that hasn’t been repainted, rechromed, or replaced.  According to the seller, over $30,000 and 2,000 man hours have been dedicated to making this wrecker better than new.


The Reef Aqua and Wimbleton White Ford sits on a Holmes 440 wrecker body and features a big old push bumper up front.  The drivetrain consists of a 360/NP435 transmission, with Dana 70 rear and Dana 40 front axles.  It was converted to four wheel drive during the restoration.


The end result is probably the nicest classic wrecker you’ll ever see.  Completed as a nod to the 100th anniversary of the E.H. Holmes Corporation, it’s already racked up some awards and is sure to keep expanding the trophy case going forward.  In a world short on restored wreckers, this ’69 has received the treatment it deserves after many years of service.

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