1968 Ford F-100 Remains Part of a Family Tradition

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Here are a few pictures of the old family work truck now. Just a few more tweaks and she will be back home permanently. It’s been one heck of a journey and still can’t believe it’s this close to being done. More to come. Huge thanks to @bradlms1958 @bossride @justincaseyouremegency @brent1978x and everyone else at the #hotrodsyndicate #68ford #68f100 #bumpside #fordtrucks #fordmoco #detroitsteelwheels #mobsteel #familytraditions #badass #badasshotrod #olered #retiredworktruck #bumpsidenation #bumpsidebrasil #bumpside_nation #bumpside_beaters #bumpside

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The looks may have changed, but this F-100 shows that home is where the heart of this Ford is. 

We came across this account on Instagram and thought, “Whoa. Cool truck.” However, as we dug a little further, we found that this 1968 Ford F-100 has a great story, and quite an enduring legacy.

Instagram user DWilliams471 has taken one of his father’s old trucks and restored it to perfection. Writes DWilliams471, “The truck is a 1968 ford F-100 purchased in ’70 by [my father]. It has been a member of the family longer than I have and it’s still kickin.'”


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More of the early years with the old truck. It rocked the west coast mirrors and bullet hole wheels. It was cool way before bumpsides were cool. #68f100 #68ford #retiredworktruck #bumpside #bumpsidenation #bumpside_nation #badasshotrod #hotrodsyndicate #buford #familytraditions #fordmoco #f100 #fordtrucks #retiredworktruck #olered #bumpside_beaters

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It was a great looking truck then, and now. DWilliams471 added his own personal touches to the family truck to make it his own. He slammed and stanced the pickup thoughtfully, changing up and rebuilding the suspension. He wrote that the “front is a 2nd-gen Camaro clip, on the rear we flipped the housing, flipped the front spring hangers, and notched the frame.” He added wheels 18X8 and 20X11 wheels from Detroit Wheel Steel Company. The results speak for themselves.


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We love a classic cool Ford truck, especially one that comes with this much history.

1968 Ford F-100

If you’d like to see more of the evolution of this F-100 cherry bomb, check it out on Instagram.

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