1968 Ford F-100 is a High Performance Cruiser

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1968 F-100 Passenger Side

Although the truck’s power numbers are not known, its built 351 V8 likely makes this F-100 a blast to drive.

While flipping through the Ford trucks for sale on Classic Cars, we came across this cool 1968 F-100. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much more than a clean classic pickup, but under the hood sits a built 351 mated to a 3-speed manual transmission, likely making this truck an excellent sleeper on the street.

A Clean F-100

This 1968 Ford F-100 isnt a showstopper, but it is a very clean, 50-year old truck. The listing says that it was fully restored, and based on the little marks here and there, we would guess that it has seen a few years of road use since painted. We do know that the new engine has 4,200 miles on it, so it is safe to guess that this truck was restored a few years back and it has been driven since then.

1968 F-100 Low Front

While it is not flawless, the outside 1968 F-100 looks great in pictures, with clean-looking chrome, a decent paint job and – most importantly – it is rust-free. On the inside, the door panels, the seat, the steering wheel and the carpeting all look like they could be new, with the cabin finished in the same black-and-red layout as the body.

1968 F-100 Interior

From the wheels to the bed rails to the Cobra Jet-style hood scoop, this truck is perfectly era-correct, until you open the hood.

A Mighty Heart

Under the hood of this 1968 Ford F-100 is a 351-cubic inch V8. We don’t know what era 351 this is, but it bored 40-over, fitted with forged aluminum pistons and worked cylinder heads leading to a 10:1 compression ratio. It also has a high-rise intake manifold, a Demon carb and a high performance camshaft but oddly, it appears to have stock iron exhaust manifolds rather than headers.

1968 F-100 351 V8

Even with the odd exhaust component choices, this 1968 F-100 is guaranteed to run far better than any of these trucks did with their stock engines while maintaining the fun of the “three on the tree”.

If you are in the market for a classic Ford pickup that will serve as a high performance cruiser, this truck is on sale now with a list price of $17,500 or best offer. Click here for a closer look at the listing with lots more pictures.

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