1967 Ford F-350 Utility Build Comes to Life

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Ford F-350

If you’re tired of the average pickup build, how about a cool, vintage Ford F-350 work truck?

We see all sorts of cool projects around here in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. But while many focus on the kinds of classics you see everyday, we’re big fans of the oddball stuff, too. Like old, heavy-duty commercial grade trucks you just don’t see much of anymore. Trucks like this incredibly cool 1967 Ford F-350 owned by AxeHealy and presented to us in this thread.

“I figured I’d leave the new member post behind and start a build thread. There won’t be a whole lot of action here for a couple months, but I do have some updates for you guys. I woke it up this past weekend and used it to pick up an engine hoist from a friend. I gave it a really quick wash and it already looks 100% times better than when I bought it. 

Plans for this year are really just functional. It needs brakes (badly) along with new trans cooler lines and at the very least, bushings up front. It also needs a rear window – the original glass was removed to allow access to the bed through the cap. I may also POR-15 the frame this summer. It’s really quite clean and I’d like to keep it that way.”

Ford F-350

And thankfully, the OP plans on retaining that cool utility bed. At least for now. And it looks like this life-long work truck will continue to work indefinitely.

“No plans to remove the utility bed right now – great waterproof tool and part storage for the track. Maybe once it’s retired from work duty it’ll get a prettier bed. 

The bed floor is a little rusty and possibly thin in some areas. But I’ll most likely give it a hearty coat of liner to maintain it. It’s definitely in better shape than it would be had it not had a cap.

I don’t know for sure, but I think the truck was blue from the beginning. The interior is all blue and the utility bed went on the truck in ’69 (at least it was manufactured then). Since the color matches, I’m guessing that the truck hadn’t already been repainted inside and out by then but who knows.”


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