1967 Ford F-250: Livin’ the Highboy Life

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1967 Ford F-250

Classic Highboy certainly isn’t anything flashy. But that’s exactly the way we like it.

Without question, one of the most beloved Ford truck models ever built is the illustrious “Highboy.” Like many Blue Oval trucks bestowed with nicknames, the Highboy was never an official model. The moniker was derived by fans of the brand who fell in love with the truck’s towering stance. Today, these “factory lifted” rides command top dollar, especially those that haven’t been abused or rusted away to nothing.

1967 Ford F-250

And this 1967 Ford F-250 Highboy that we spotted over at GR Auto Gallery is one of the finer examples you’ll ever lay eyes on. For starters, the white body is simply immaculate, even if it has been repainted somewhere along the way. That “lifted” factory stance is still intact, but the previous owner thankfully resisted the urge to throw massive tires underneath. Personally, we prefer the more reasonable rubber he/she stuck with.

1967 Ford F-250

Under the hood you’ll find the biggest Ford engine offered in this era – a 460 ci V8. Like many trucks from back then, this one’s been treated to an Edelbrock intake, carb, and dual exhaust. Power steering and power brakes make driving the heavy beast more manageable, whether that be on or off-road. But with a freshly painted chassis, you might want to rethink that rocky jaunt.

1967 Ford F-250

Likewise, the blue and gray interior is nicely redone yet simplistic. Everything about this 1967 Ford F-250 is super sanitary, from top to bottom. And while it might not be 100% stock, you won’t find anything offensive or out of place here. While many succumb to the desire to do too much to a classic Ford, this is more of an exercise in restraint. And when you’re talking about one of the most beloved trucks ever built, what more does it need anyway?

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