This 1967 Ford Truck TV Ad Featuring the Detroit Lions is American Gold

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By the looks of this TV commercial from the sixties, Ford’s creative marketing team was as active back than as it is now. This time employing the help of the NFL’s Detroit Lions to promote the Ford F-100!

There’s not much that needs to be said about this video courtesy of Albert Sarangay, you simply need to watch it. Although this TV ad looks to highlight the handling and maneuverability of the Ford F-100 pickup from 1967, it could’ve very well been filmed a year or so earlier.

Harry Gilmer, the team’s head coach from 1965 to 1966 can be seen utilizing the Ford pickup for drill practice with his players. Heck, at some point even the truck attempts to morph into a football player and tackle some obstacles as well. Oh wait, it’s simply highlighting the ride quality of the Ford’s twin front axle setup.

Then, when you thought it was all over, it’s the Ford trucks that actually attempt to play football, and not the players. Say what?


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