1967 Ford Bronco Looks Like the Ultimate Weekend Toy

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1967 Ford Bronco Front 3/4

Restored Bronco combines the classic look with modern comfort and performance.

In stock form, the 1967 Ford Bronco was a solid off-road machine, but it was not without its shortcomings. They were a little light on power by today’s standards and while the interior was comfortable for the late-1960s, the cabin was crude compared to anything built by Ford since the 1980s.

These simple downsides lead many classic Bronco owners to upgrade the engine and interior, but that can be a great deal of work for someone who isn’t handy under the hood. Fortunately, while flipping through the vehicle listings for the upcoming Mecum auction in Las Vegas, we found the perfect 1967 Bronco for someone who wants a comfortable cruiser that can fly down the street or up a dusty trail.

1967 Ford Bronco Side

Classic Exterior

On the outside, this 1967 Ford Bronco has maintained its classic lines and it appears to be absolutely flawless. The chrome is spotless, the sheet metal is straight and the “faux beadlock” wheels fit the classic look perfectly. A set of simple aftermarket wheel flares, fog lights and the roll cage are the only real changes to the exterior, but that is ok, as this old school Bronco looks fantastic from every angle.

1967 Ford Bronco Rear

Racing Buckets

On the inside, this 1967 Ford Bronco features a complete facelift to the dash, with modern gauges, aftermarket switches, a carbon fiber steering wheel and a new radio. That radio feeds a set of Polk Audio speakers while a custom center console and diamond plate door panels dress up the cabin a bit.

1967 Ford Bronco Dash

Where this Ford Bronco differs the most from the original interior is the seats. Gone are the factory units and in their place is a set of front and rear Corbeau racing buckets.

1967 Ford Bronco Front Seats

Up front, this classic SUV has tradition race buckets with bright yellow safety harnesses while the rear bench seat is designed to seat two while still maintaining the racing bucket form.

1967 Ford Bronco Rear Seat

These seats keep everyone in place and they look great.

Modern Performance

Under the hood of this 1967 Ford Bronco is a 302-cubic inch Ford Racing V8, fitted with an Edelbrock Air Gap intake manifold, a Holley racing carburetor, a Holley electric fuel pump, Mallory electronic ignition and an aluminum four-core radiator. We don’t know what kind of power it is making, but based on the details, this Bronco should be far quicker than it was in stock form, while also being more reliable.

1967 Ford Bronco 302

The power from that Ford Racing 302 is sent through a heavy duty NV3550 5-speed manual transmission, a Dana 20 transfer case, Ford 9-inch differentials and 3.50 gears. It also has power brakes with discs up front, power steering, a 6-inch lift kit and big, beefy Mickey Thompson tires.

1967 Ford Bronco Front Close

If you have been hunting for a 1967 Bronco with modern power and a custom interior layout in a gorgeous body, your ideal vintage Ford SUV will be auctioned off on the weekend of November 15 through 17 in Las Vegas.

Photos: Mecum

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