1967 Ford Bronco: A Project Only Mad Max Would Love

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1967 Ford Bronco

This beast may look like a total abomination–but that’s because it is.

For the most part, skimming the old interwebs for trucks is a pretty predictable time killer. And after looking at what feels like millions of vehicles, rarely do you see one that stops you in your tracks like a proverbial brick wall. But, my friends, this 1967 Ford Bronco is a true show stopper. And we don’t necessarily mean that in a good way.

1967 Ford Bronco

Bronco mania is in full swing these days, driving prices through the roof. It also means that we’re seeing an influx of the used Ford ‘utes for sale. Even rusted, clapped out examples are bringing eyebrow-raising figures. But not this, uh, interesting build, which has garnered a mere one bid for $500 on eBay. Clearly, the current owner had visions of some sort of modern, post-apocalyptic take on the 1st gen Bronco. But somewhere along the line, things went horribly wrong.

1967 Ford Bronco

This, in spite of exciting features like a “custom handmade one-piece” body and a “functional cowl indication hood.” And to protect all of that precious bodywork, there’s also a “removable extreme structural exoskeleton with storage rack.” We’re guessing that means you have to drink some sort of energy drink and wear a shirt with flames on it while removing/installing said rack.

1967 Ford Bronco

Since this 1967 Ford Bronco doesn’t look much like a 1967 Ford Bronco anymore, there’s also a custom milled grille up front that kinda looks like the one on Ford’s Bronco Concept. If you squint hard enough, you might just see the makings of something you’d see at Wasteland Weekend. We’re not sure if that’s what the builder was going for, of course. But as they say, beauty(?) is in the eye of the beholder.

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