Tire Smokin Tuesday: 1967 F100 Does a Pre-Winter Storage Burnout

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Adding a legendary Ford big block to this classic pickup makes for a beautiful burnout machine.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Nick Ciaccia and it features his gorgeous 1967 Ford F-100 doing one final burnout for the year before heading off to winter storage. Seeing your truck go into a few month-long hibernation is no fun, but there is no better way to tuck a vehicle in than a smoky burnout.

1967 Ford F-100 Ranger

1967 Ford F-100 Ranger

The details on this truck are short, but we can see that the half-ton pickup featured in this burnout video is a super-clean 1967 Ford F-100 Ranger. The brief details point out that this classic pickup is powered by a 429 cubic inch big block Ford V8 and in looking around at the owner’s other videos, we found that it was a 1970 engine, but there are no other details mentioned in any of the videos of this truck.

What we do know is that in 1967, the most powerful engine offered in the F-100 was a 352 cubic inch V8 with 208 horsepower. Ford would add the 390 big block in 1968, but for ’67, there wasn’t much power to be had with the F-100. Perhaps that is why whoever built this truck decided to go with one of the most powerful factory engines ever offered by the Motor Company – the 429.

The 429 Ford V8

The Ford big block V8 measuring 429 cubic inches was introduced in 1968 for the Ford Thunderbird, but variations would later be used in the Ford Mustang, Ford police cars and a handful of Lincoln and Mercury models. The power output varied by application and it has been proven that the official horsepower figures from Ford were lower than actual numbers, but with 370-375 horsepower, this engine was far more powerful than any engine offered in the 1967 F-100 Ranger.

This extra power makes this show-quality F-100 a stunning tire smokin’ machine and before being stored for winter, this owner put together a short, sweet burnout video. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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