1966 Ford F-100 Promoted with Silent Film: Throwback Thursday

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Hollywood icon Buster Keaton helps show off smooth ride of F-100.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the Conniptions886 YouTube channel and it features a unique commercial for the 1966 Ford F-100. While most commercials from the 60s included the then-modern technology of filmed sound, this ad was done in the style of the silent film era, including a famous actor from the early age of movies.

The Silent Film F-Series Commercial

This commercial for the 1966 Ford F-100 was introduced late in 1965. At that point, “moving pictures” had featured filmed sound for decades, but in working with one of the great silent film era actors, the Motor Company took an old-school approach to this spot.

Buster Keaton was one of the actors who made a successful jump from silent films to “talkies”, with a show business career spanning nearly 50 years. He passed away in 1966, making this F-100 commercial one of his final gigs, reminding us of the unique allure of silent films decades after filmed sound became the norm in Hollywood.

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