This 1966 Ford F-100 Is One for Patina Lovers

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The word “patina” has existed since the 18th century, but its use in automotive culture is part of a much more recent craze. The word quite literally refers to calcification, coloring, or incrustation caused by oxidation. And for whatever reason, the same look that has existed on old trucks for decades, is now a popular thing!


Heck, people even paint their perfectly good trucks to look like they have patina, which is a bit nutty. While most of us may not understand this, and prefer to just do the body and paint work instead, you can’t deny that the patina craze has taken over the custom truck world.

If you’re a fan of patina and vintage Ford trucks, you’re bound to love this 1966 Ford F-100. It’s a perfect example of what patina lovers crave — an untouched original body complete with surface rust and fading. That, combined with some chassis modifications, updated rolling stock, and reliable mechanicals makes for a great daily driver.


The ’66 sits low on staggered 18″/20″ Coddington wheels courtesy of DJM drop beams, and a flipped rear axle. The drivetrain consists of an old and reliable 302/C4 combo, and the truck has power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning.


Even if you aren’t really a fan of patina, it’s easy to see why trucks like this one are so popular. You’ve got all the modern conveniences you need in a truck, and you don’t have to worry about parking it near the evil shopping carts at the grocery store. If that sounds like your kind of ride, bidding on this ’66 is currently live.

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