This Stunning 1966 Ford F-250 is 100% Truck Americana

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The Camper Special was an interesting and popular option offered by Ford in the 60’s and 70’s, and the package gave buyers exactly what you would expect.

Heavy duty cooling, prewiring for a camper, and a larger alternator were all added to make family vacations a little more convenient. There are quite a few old Fords on the market with the Camper Special option, but few are as nice as this fully restored 1966 F-250, which is 100% truck Americana. With a professional full frame-off job, there is no evidence remaining that the truck was ever used to haul anything, let alone a big camper.


The chrome and paint shine brighter than they ever have, and the dog dish hubcaps have perfectly painted Ford lettering in the center. The light blue and white two-tone paint scheme is classic 60’s Americana; embodying everything that these classic trucks were about.

The original Ford 352 block has been rebuilt, but features a few upgrades in the form of an Edelbrock carb and intake, dual Flowmaster exhaust, and an electronic ignition. The interior is all tuck-and-roll with an upgraded stereo.


The overall package combines classic looks with a few modern upgrades that improve the driving experience as well as the reliability. They will be hard to notice, of course, because the work done here is simply immaculate. It’s safe to say that this one is probably retired from the camping duties it was once designed to handle.

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