1966 Bronco Half Cab Twins Are a Tantalizing Pair

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Bronco Half Cab

Seeing one Bronco Half Cab is rare enough. But how about a matching pair, owned by the same person?

Out of the trio of body styles Ford offered on its mighty-off road ‘ute in the early years, the Bronco Half Cab was pretty rare. Not nearly as rare as the Roadster, but the Bronco Half Cab still only made up around 10-15% of total production in its six year run. For 1966, that meant a total of only 6,930 units. And you’re looking at two of them right here.

Bronco Half Cab

Yes, this dynamic matching duo of Bronco Half Cab models are owned by the same person. And they’re currently up for sale by that person over at The Collector Car Network. And if that isn’t crazy enough for you, consider the fact that these two Broncos are (mostly) identical. Both uncut, both Lunar Green. Even the drivetrains are identical, down to the 3-speed manual transmissions.

The biggest difference here is delivery day, but even that isn’t too far off. One of the Bronco Half Cab examples was delivered in August of 1965, the other in December. So it would only make sense that they stay together, especially as each one is fully restored.

Bronco Half Cab

Much like a real life set of twins, there’s only a couple of small details that set them apart. One Bronco sports bare steel wheels painted in white, the other a set of chrome hub caps. The white-wheeled ‘ute also has white bumpers, the other silver. While it might be cool if the two matched 100%, we guess you’ve got to be able to tell them apart in some way. Otherwise, things would get pretty confusing!

Regardless, seeing a duo of mostly identical, rare Bronco Half Cab survivors in one place is something akin to witnessing a shooting star. Especially when both are as gorgeous as these two!


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