This 1965 Ford F-250 Proves 50 is the New 20

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No matter what the vehicle is, what its life has been, and what kind of engine is under the hood, standing tall for 50 years is impressive. Allow some dramatics for a second with a reminder that a human’s life expectancy in 1920 was about 50 years old. Now think about a machine running that long.

That’s what you could get with this 1965 Ford F-250 with a flatbed. The only information on the listing says, “very clean 390 engine, 4speed trans 4×4 with brand new 8 foot flatbed very clean inside and out.” Judging by the photos, it looks pretty immaculate for its age bracket and seems like it’d make a great work truck if you want a little style and don’t care about modern amenities like an aux cord and air conditioning.

Nostalgia is running at an all-time high right now. Just embrace it and pick this bad boy up.

[Via Craigslist via Hooniverse]

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