Vintage F-250 Plucked from Field Undergoes Fascinating Restoration

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1965 Ford F-250

Someone left this poor old Ford F-250 for dead years ago. But one brave man is giving it a second lease on life.

It takes a special kind of person to pluck an old farm truck from a field somewhere and fully restore it. Special as in brave, skilled, patient, and maybe a little crazy all rolled into one. But we’re thankful to see folks taking on these massive projects, of course. And thus far, we’ve also been very impressed with the quality of work Reddit user 65FirstOnRaceDay has exhibited on his 1965 Ford F-250 resto job.

The OP posted a huge gallery of the work he’s completed thus far, and it’s nothing less than impressive. He also provided a little background info on the Ford F-250 and how he came across it. Not to mention how he was going about fixing the obvious rust.

1965 Ford F-250

“Got it north of OKC in Cherokee. Pretty much just cutting out the rusty parts with a grinder, cleaning up with a wire brush down to bare metal. Welding in preformed floor pans from LMC. Grind the bubblegum down smooth and primer and paint. Cross your fingers and hope it makes it another 50 years.”

1965 Ford F-250

So far, he’s done a bang up job in the front with a fresh engine, repainted frame rails, and new brakes. But he’s already looking forward to the future. “Haven’t messed with the rear yet except for the brakes, but will be rebuilding the rear end once I get the front end and the cab put back together. Hopefully by the end of the year.”

1965 Ford F-250

And even though the old Ford F-250 buffed out pretty good, he’s still planning on painting it eventually. “I am going to paint it. I’m not sure what color yet, I’ll let the truck tell me when it gets to that point. I would have kept it as is. But I have to patch a few spots on the hood, get a new fender, and the paint is pretty much gone from the passenger side of the bed.”

1965 Ford F-250

Judging by how great everything’s gone so far, we can’t wait to see how this rescued Ford F-250 turns out!

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