This 1965 F-100 is a True Muscle Truck

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The muscle car era was truly the golden age of the American automotive industry. While many will argue that today’s cars are faster, more powerful, and more economical than the vehicles that roamed the streets in the 60’s and early 70’s, modern cars wouldn’t exist without them.

Plus, new cars simply don’t have the character and timeless design of cars and trucks from that bygone era. It was an exciting time for enthusiasts – a time when all manufacturers cared about was winning races, both in real life and in the showroom.


What many people overlook is that trucks from this era were available with some pretty stout engines as well. Big block FE motors were popular options in Ford trucks of this era, and they were quite capable in their own right.

This 1965 F-100 is a great example of a muscle truck – short wheelbase, big block, two-wheel drive. The 352 under the hood was used in a variety of Ford’s performance vehicles, including the Thunderbird. Though it’s overshadowed by the 351’s and 460’s of the world, the 352 produced as much as 360 horsepower from the factory during its heyday.


Our pretty green and white ’65 probably produces at least that much power thanks to a host of performance add on’s. It’s backed up by a 5-speed manual transmission and sends power back to the bulletproof 9-inch rear end.

These 60’s Fords are some of the best looking trucks of all time, and they’re finally garnering attention as the real classics that they are. People are beginning to realize that Ford not only produced some legendary muscle cars during this era, but built some muscle trucks as well.

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