A 1964 Ford F-100 Worthy of the Original Batman!

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Black and red is a color combination every bit as classic as the body lines on a 60’s Ford truck. That means that combining the two results is a perfect marriage – if you take the time to do some proper body work, of course.

This 1964 F-100 is a perfect example of how great these two things go together. The red accents are a nice touch to the dark-as-night paint, and timeless lines that only a classic Ford truck can provide. Steelies, hub caps, and a set of Cooper Cobra tires are the perfect choices for a period look. In fact, this color scheme reminds me very much of the Batman’s original Batmobile.


Power for this black beauty comes not from the original powerplant, but a 70’s era 351 Windsor. A 3-speed automatic transmission selects the gears, and is controlled via a B&M shifter. The interior also features a modern stereo in case you get tired of those glorious V8 sounds.


For lovers of 60’s Ford trucks, Batman, and period correct hot rods, it’s hard to find much fault with this ’64. It would make the perfect tow vehicle or companion for a 60’s T-Bird or Mustang, preferably painted in the same scheme.  Now that’s a true marriage made in heaven!

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