Travel to a Different Time With This 1964 Ford F-100

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Remember when a gallon of milk was only $.49 cents? Those were different times, and those were different trucks as well. This 4th generation F-Series pickup ushered in a long period of styling success for Ford, as one can visibly see here.

After a failed attempt at selling “unibody” trucks that united the body and bed in one continuous piece, Ford switched back to a more traditional, separate bed and body setup; typically known as a truck platform.


Most of the trucks you see from this generation featured the styleside bed, but there are a few flaresides still floating around, like this immaculately-restored 1964 F-100. The palette is as subtle as you can get in Navajo Beige and white trim, but don’t let that deter you from looking a little deeper.


Inside the truck things are just as subdued and basic as the outside. It’s typical early Ford truck; with a vinyl bench, rubber floor mat, huge steering wheel, and a dash filled with only the necessary gauges. A rebuilt 223 inline-six-cylinder engine provides motivation, though not much. The only real deviation from stock are the additions of power-brakes and a dual master-cylinder, which are welcome additions indeed.


The overall work on this timeless ’64 is excellent, making it a real gem of a 4th generation truck. With all the stylesides and hot-rodded old Ford trucks out there, this “boring” beige beauty provides a nice contrast and reminds us of the way trucks were once built once upon a time.

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