1962 Ford P-350 Bread Van is the Most Unusual Listing in the FTE Marketplace

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1962 Ford P-350 Bread Truck Front

Classic Ford panel van would make a rad delivery vehicle or a truly unique show machine.

While flipping through the many F-Series trucks listed in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace, we came across this unique 1962 Ford P-350 panel van, which actually began its life as a Hostess delivery vehicle. While there are some antique trucks listed that are a bit out of the ordinary, this is definitely the most unusual vehicle in the FTE Marketplace right now while also having the most potential to be something awesome in the hands of the next owner.

Hostess Bread Truck

The information on this 1962 Ford P-350 listing in the marketplace post by “555 Studios” is brief, but we learn the basic details that a prospective buyer will want to know.

1962 Ford P-350 Rear

“Road ready. Mechanically original and refurbished including brakes, brake and clutch hydraulic hoses with new master and slave cylinders, new carb, new rims and tires amongst other work.

Clean California title currently on Non Op.”

However, the OP also shared a Facebook link with more pictures and a bit more information. It seems like it would have been easy enough to copy this information and include it on the forum, but since he did not, here are the additional details from Facebook.

“Vintage Hostess Cake Bread Truck. Refurbished and road ready. Take it to your next craft fair, farmer’s market or donut swap. Great patina finish as is or ready to wrap in your own logo design.”

That’s right. This sweet antique Ford helped transport Twinkies, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Donettes, Sno Balls, Zingers, Honey Buns and the rest of the classic Hostess goodies to markets back in the 1960s.

1962 Ford P-350 Interior

More importantly, the Facebook ad included far more pictures, giving us a far better idea of what this antique panel van looks like inside and out.

Unspoken Details

Based on this pictures, we can see that this 1962 Ford P-350 is powered by a six-cylinder engine. During the 1962 model year, Ford offered two different “Mileage Maker” inline-six engines; one displacing 223 cubic inches and providing 114 horsepower and a second that displaced 262 cubic inches and delivered 132 horsepower. We don’t know which I6 engine is in this P-350, but we know that it sends the power to the rear wheels by means of a manual transmission.

1962 Ford P-350 Engine

Next, a “Non Op” title in California means that it is registered, but it cannot be driven on public roads, leading us to question whether it needs some work to be properly drivable, but the ad does list that it is “road ready”. Perhaps it needs some work to be legal in California, but if you live in most other states, a vehicle like this one would be exempt from most (if not all) emission and inspection requirements.

We would like to think that the list of new parts and the fact that it is listed as being “road ready” means that it runs and drives, but a prospective buyer should dig deeper into that when speaking to the seller.

1962 Ford P-350 Dash

Possible Uses

We imagine that many people look at this 1962 Ford P-350 and wonder why anyone would want a vehicle like this, but there are several excellent uses for an antique bread truck.

Provided that it runs and drives well, this antique Ford could be wrapped in a company’s logos and used for modern-day delivery services, with enough cargo space to accommodate pretty much any size of cargo. Of course, it was made to haul a bunch of bread, so there are payload limitations, but this would make a wicked delivery truck for all sorts of businesses today.

1962 Ford P-350 Bread Truck Front 3/4

Next, even if it doesn’t drive well in its current state, this would make for a truly unique show vehicle. While it is unusual to see something like an antique delivery van at a car show, they are becoming more popular due to their relative rarity and the fact that they are such unique canvases. It could be restored to its original finish with the Hostess branding or the owner could pick some other classic brand to help wow the car show crowds.

In any case, at $8,600 is priced right for someone hunting for a unique, antique Ford in good shape.

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