1962 Ford F-100 Restomod – Love It or Leave It?

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1962 Ford F-100

Nothing elicits emotions from pure love to absolute anger, like a customized Ford truck. Customers often classic Fords into something they can win some trophies with, but they run the risk of facing a sea of ridicule.

1962 Ford F-100

Nothing sets off an angry crowd like a set of big chrome wheels and rubber band tires. Which means this 1962 Ford F-100 is sure to attract its fair share of hate. But let’s take a deeper look at this high dollar build, and see if it deserves at least a little praise.

1962 Ford F-100

The paint scheme is unique, with a black “F100” stripe that is actually a pretty nice touch. It enhances the body lines and stance of the truck. Speaking of the body, it’s lower than stock but not so low that it’s scraping the ground. Thankfully, the chrome has been retained here as well.

1962 Ford F-100

Even more controversial than the wheel and tire choice, is what’s under the hood. A468 cubic inch (cough) Chevy big block. A 460 would have been a much better choice, but it is what it is, as they say. That’s why heroes with money buy these things, and “fix” them.

Do you love or hate this modernized 1962 Ford F-100? Personally, I’d like to see a smaller wheel and bigger tire combo, as well as a Ford motor between the frame rails. Otherwise, it’s pretty decent.

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