Throwback Thursday: 1960 Fords Focus on Economy?

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TV ad for 1960 Ford trucks shows that modern marketing isn’t all that different now than 57 years ago.

When we look at fuel economy, power, and towing capacity figures of modern Ford trucks, they’re all established by means of a standardized method. This means that when we read specifications for the F-150 and the Silverado 1500, the findings were rated under the same system.

That was not the case in the early days of the American automotive industry. As far back as 1960, the Ford Motor Company was working to show that their claims were legitimate. Rather than marketing their trucks with their own figures, the Blue Oval turned to independent testing companies who certified their findings.


This video by OsbornTramain, shows the large commercial vehicles rolling out of the factory, along with others. Like most TV ads, we get a look at new features for 1960, including the heavy-duty axle in the 2-ton trucks, fancy new plastic foam seat cushions, new drum brakes, and the “gas saving six,” which is the engine that beat the competition.

For the first time, the company turned to independent engineers for certification of their internal numbers, while also having them test components. Ford calls it certified economy, but they elaborate, explaining that Ford offers certified gas savings, certified durability and certified reliability.

Automotive technology has come a long way, but even in 1960 Ford was focusing on the same priorities: efficiency, power, durability and reliability.

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