This 1959 Ford F-100 is a Rat Rodder’s Dream!

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Rat Rods have proven to be an enduring trend, and they are more popular than ever today. The look (generally) consists of original, patina laden paint, a little bit of surface rust, a fairly ratty interior, and an often lowered stance with a rebuilt/newer drivetrain. The most important thing is that the vehicle looks like it just got yanked off a field somewhere.


Some people love the look, and others hate it. If you are in the former camp, you can’t help but appreciate this 1959 F-100, which is a quintessential example of the Rat Rod look and culture. The paint has been left in its original non-perfect condition, with a cool Indian logo added for retro appeal.


Air bags ensure that the truck can be dropped as low as you could possibly want, yet you can also raise it up for real world driving. There are lots of modern bits underneath the crusty looking exterior, including a later model 302 black, a C4 tranny, 4-link rear, 9″ rear end, and beefier modern brakes.


The interior actually has a recovered seat, new gauges, and a (not installed) Vintage Air setup, but the rest is quite weathered. Overall, this ’59 is a shining example of the Rat Rod movement and represents it well.  Whether you love it or hate it, it’s nice to see this old Ford continue to live on instead of rotting in a field somewhere. Even if it still looks like it is.

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