1958 Ford F-100 Becomes a Stunning Build

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Ford F-100

One man’s vision and some impeccable craftsmanship promise to make this Ford F-100 build one of the best we’ve seen yet!

The Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums are a fantastic resource for a lot of reasons. But we must admit, our favorite thing to do is admire the many builds documented there. There’s just something heart-warming about watching our members bring old, forgotten trucks back to life that makes us all fuzzy inside. Not to mention the fact that it gives us motivation for our own projects. And one of the most inspiring builds we’ve seen lately is oldbleu‘s 1958 Ford F-100.

“I purchased my ’58 F-100 a little over two years ago. It wasn’t running when I towed it home, but getting it operational wasn’t much of a problem. The plan was to drive the truck until I was able to round up the majority of the parts needed to do a frame up restoration. The truck was built in Ford’s Long Beach assembly plant in April of 1958. It came equipped with a 292 V-8, 3-speed transmission, and a radio. Otherwise, it was a basic half-ton truck with a Styleside bed.”

1958 Ford F-100

Certainly not a bad start, but there are obviously some issues that need to be addressed here.

“I did not have to pay any extra for the damaged sheetmetal or the ‘custom’ hubcaps. The tires were shot, the lights did not work, and the engine would not stay running. Typical stuff for an old, neglected truck.”

It didn’t take much to get the 1958 Ford F-100 running, thankfully. But after driving and enjoying it for a while, the OP was ready to start the restoration process. So he did the tear down himself and delivered the parts to a local hot rod shop.

1958 Ford F-100

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