1956 Ford F-100 Rebuild Is a Family Affair

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1956 Ford F-100

Nothing – not an accident, multiple tragedies, or shoddy bodyshop work – can derail this special Ford F-100 build!

Anybody (well, just about anybody) can hit the classifieds and find an old Ford truck to buy. But when that truck has been part of your family for decades, it just means a little something more. Such is the case with Ford Truck Enthusiasts member bjmayberry2. With a 1956 Ford F-100 that had been in his family’s possession for a very long time, this was not a truck that’s easy to part with. Especially after the OP suffered through multiple tragedies in the following years.

“I have a 1956 Ford F-100 that has been in the family for over 40 years. My stepfather bought it used in Mississippi, then moved to Arkansas with it, then gave it to me. I drove it for a few years and then gave it to our son. While our son had it, it was hit in front of our house by a young driver.

We then parked it for almost 25 years. Since then, our son took his life and my stepfather died of cancer. So the truck is back to me. I spent the better part of a year trying to find someone to straighten the frame. Even bought a different frame. But I finally found a small body shop to straighten the frame. Once I got it back, I wire bushed the frame and gave it two coats of POR 15.”

Ford F-100

After a little cleaning and a tune up for the old 272, the OP was even able to drive the old Ford F-100 around a bit. That is, until it blew a head gasket. Undaunted by this, the OP located a new engine for his ride. And he just kept on going.

“I found a 292 +030 and rebuilt it with ECZ G heads, ‘B 4-barrel intake, and a Holley 470 CFM carb. Backed it up with a Flat-O C4 adapter and C4. I then headed to the rear of the truck. Added a 9″ rear end, had a drive shaft made, and changed all the worn spring shackles to new poly bushing ones from MidFifty.”

After dropping the cab off to be sandblasted, the OP discovered a good bit of rot. And while that was in progress, work began on rebuilding the brakes.

Ford F-100

Unfortunately, the OP just couldn’t seem to find any good luck.

“Well you never know what life brings. My progress has been all but halted due to my wife’s colorectal cancer treatments. So I farmed out the installation of the driver side firewall, both front floor panels, inner and outer rear cab corners, front cab corners, and both rockers. They are also going to fix the roof. Right after I got the cab to the body shop, I ended up with a bout of Acute Pancreas. Three days in the hospital and I’m out, but I don’t get to eat or drink anything fun.”

But nothing will keep a good man down, and it wasn’t long before the OP was back working on his Ford F-100.

Piece by piece, it was all coming together. With the bodywork being the major holdup, of course. But then, bad luck struck again! The cab came back from the body shop with some of the worst welding work we’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, the chassis came back looking great, anyway. And the OP was able to go ahead and stain the bed wood.

As of right now, this is where this years-long project stands. But you can bet we’ll be following along and cheering on the OP as he slowly rebuilds this special Ford F-100. And you can do the same by heading over here!

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