This 1956 F-100 Is What Barney Would Look Like as a Truck

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The color purple isn’t for everyone.  It conjures up thoughts of girly stuff, eggplants, and a certain famous dinosaur that used to be popular with the kids. Yes, Barney. Perhaps that’s why you don’t see the hue on a lot of vehicles these days, outside of some Mopar muscle cars.


The owner of this 1956 Ford F-100 decided to buck that trend, and paint his old truck a Barney-esque shade of purple, however. And, to be honest, it kind of works. But even if you hate the color, there’s a lot to appreciate on this classic Ford, especially what’s under the hood.

That’s where you’ll find the legendary 428 big block, with dual carbs sitting like proverbial cherries on top. It’s a unique and awesome engine choice, and it might help you forget about the exterior paint color. That snarly exhaust note is sure to change the tone of onlookers as well.


Outside of the that, you’ll find some nice custom touches around this F-100, including a forward tilt hood that is louvered, a pretty wood bed, Pacer aluminum wheels, and a comfy looking bench seat. It’s a nice combination of new and old, with an engine that harks back to an era when there was no replacement for displacement – and a time when purple was cool.

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