Glory Restored: 1954 F-750 Fire Truck Build

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JG1098's 1954 F-750 Fire Truck
It takes a special kind of person to want to restore a classic truck, but it takes an entire different breed to take on the challenge of restoring a classic fire truck. This 1954 F-750 fire truck originated in Florida and slowly made its way to Georgia, and, at last, into the hands of our very own JimG1098.FordFiretruckbuild Since it has arrived a time back, Jim has done a lot – including rebuilding the carburetor, restoring the brake system, and much, much more.

Not everyone has what it takes to take on a project like this, and it has certainly had its road blocks. An obnoxious leak, titling and registration struggles, and – most currently – the fight to get it painted and recover missing body panels and parts. ┬áThis truck has been a fight to work on, but I think we can all agree that t will be magnificent when finished. After all, how many people do you know that own a genuine fire truck from the 1950s?

The history of this truck is enough to make any true Ford truck enthusiast smile. From a serving fire truck at multiple departments, to fire protection in a gated community, and finally to the garage of JimG1098. If you stop by his gallery, you’ll find great black and white photographs from its time in Florida fire departments, a happt shot of it being taken to Georgia, and some wonderful pictures of the progress on the build.

Go check out JimG1098’s build thread and show your support!


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